Tam Needs To Get ‘Lucky” To Save His Species

Calling all female Borneo Sumatran rhinos, Tam needs to get lucky. Could you fill the bill? Twenty-year-old Tam hasn’t dated much from the looks of things but that doesn’t mean he’s not a great catch.

Last August Tam was found wandering in an oil palm plantation limping on an infected leg. He has been resettled in a wildlife preserve in the Sabah state of Malaysia.

The Borneo Sumatran rhino is critically endangered. Tam may be the beginning of a comeback.

Authorities are hoping to bring at least five male and female rhinos into the reserve over the next few years to reproduce. At this time scientists believe that there numbers are down to 10 or 30 individuals.

The Borneo Sumatran rhinos has disappeared as logging, plantations and other human developments have taken over their habitat. Poachers are also put of the problem, hunting them for their horns used in traditional medicines.

The hope is once the rhinos are wandering the reserve is that they link up for some hanky-panky on their own. If they don’t within ten years the species will be extinct.

The Associated Press reports:

“Their numbers are so low that they might drift into extinction if no one does anything,” Junaidi Payne, the senior technical adviser for the World Wildlife Fund’s Malaysian Borneo chapter told The Associated Press.

“If they are not stressed out by people, the chances of success should be better, he said.


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