American Medical Trash Saving African Lives

Everyday medical equipment deemed to old for American hospitals is put out for trash to make room for newer models. That ‘trash’ is sent to Africa saving countless lives there.

Cardiologist Dr. Bruce Charash had a great idea in 2005. Instead of letting dumps get unused medical supplies that were out-dated perhaps they could be used in Africa. He founded Docs to Docks, a non-profit organization that has so far sent 12 tons of supplies to third world countries.

CBS News reports:

“Our philosophy is, as long as we’re throwing it out, we might as well save lives overseas by giving them to people who need them,” Charash said.

“This load right here would’ve ended up going into the garbage. As you see, you have some equipment here that hasn’t even been opened yet. Still completely closed,” said one delivery man.

Due to United States hospital regulations the old equipment is not allowed to be used. In other parts of the world though the kits contain everything that a doctor needs to perform an operation and is totally sterile.

Everything is up for graps from walkers to catheters.

“I’m the surgeon, I’m the obstetrician, and I’m the only gynecologist there,” said Dr. Isaac Boateng, who has been delivering 50 to 60 babies a week. But he’s never had a sonogram – until now.

“We say that you are going to save millions of people,” he said.

You don’t have to work at a hospital to help this organization, the group accepts money. Money is used to ship needed supplies around the world.


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