Pretend Baby Sends Miami Police On Wild Goose Hunt

A woman in Miami, Florida had the police searching for an infant that was never born. Megan McCormic wanted to get an ex-boyfriend to return to her from Boston so she made up a missing baby.

McCormic told Miami police that a baby sitter stole her 6-month-old infant Christmas Eve. For two days the police spent resources searching for the made up infant.

On Friday the police discovered that McCormic was lying. She had hoped that the thought of being a father of a missing infant would get a former boyfriend to leave his Boston home to rejoin her. The man had come to visit his son for Christmas.

McCormic has been charged with giving false information to police officers. The police want the woman to have to pay for the resources that were used to located the pretend child. 20 detectives spent Christmas Eve and Christmas working on the case.


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