Recycle In Winter Haven, Florida and You Could Get A Free Lunch

Recyclers in Winter Haven are about to get a free lunch. Beginning in January, the city and Florida Refuse will be handing out gift cards for a local diner to five random solid waste customers who put their blue bins on the curb.

The Recycling Rewards program will be running until the end of February with the hopes that the gift card will build up the program.

The Lakeland Ledger reports:

“We want to get people into the habit of recycling,” said Donna Sheehan, the city’s communications and marketing director

Winter Haven averages about 80 tons of recycled material per month that would otherwise be filling landfills. The program in the central Florida city started in November 2007. Since that time 935 tons of material has been recycled.

The gift cards also are a help to local restaurants that are facing a hit during the economical crisis. This is the second such program in Polk County according to Jean Wilson, Florida Refuse’s municipal marketing coordinator. When the company won a contract with the city a character dressed as one of the Blues Brothers rode through Polk County handing out gift cards.

Because of the holiday season Sheehan says this is the perfect time to promote the program. The packaging of gifts from the season fits snugly in the blue bins provided to solid waste customers.

In Winter Haven customers are charged $2.05 a month for the program whether or not they partake.

The city is turning green with city employees having recycling bins at their work stations.

Even the city parks are becoming greener. Florida friendly landscaping is replacing sod that is less drought-tolerant.


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