Opinion: The War Of Intolerance That Will Not End

Can the world expect a more peaceful 2009? If the past week is any indicator then the answer is no, and it’s about to get worse. It’s the way of man to lean towards violence instead of peace.

As Israel plummets the Gaza Strip, Afghans and Iraqis bomb their own and the rest of the world deal with in country crime and violence the future may look bleak.

The answer is as long as intolerance prevails the war will be rocked with violence. Intolerance is often the root to war. It is always the root to hate crimes.

Sadly the ways of man lead to intolerance. Each human on the planet tends to believe in their own beliefs and thinks that others are wrong. That ideal divides families, communities and countries.

Mankind will continue to attack one another for a difference of opinion be it religion, race, gender or a handful of other options. Man likes to be on top. It’s part of the king of the hill game many play during childhood.

Childhood is perhaps the only time period in a human’s life where tolerance is the normal instead of the exception. Children will play with any other child unless they have been preconditioned to hate. By the time a child becomes an adult hate has seeped through their pores filtering out tolerance. This is not true of all but sadly many that walk planet Earth are intolerant of others.

Can this be changed? As much as I would like to see such a change it is doubtful. It’s the way of man. To change a person would have to acknowledge that others have the right to their own beliefs and to have respect for those beliefs.

What do you think? Have I become to jaded as I read stories on children killed for being gay and nations plummeting others with bombs meant to kill?


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