Man Whose Wife Set His Genitals On Fire Dies

Twenty days after having his genitals set on fire, Satish Narayan, 47, has died. His wife, Rajini could be facing a murder charge for the act added on to the charges she is already facing.

On December 7 at about 5:30 a.m. the woman is accused of dousing Mr. Narayan’s genitals with methylated spirit and then setting him on fire.

Rajini Narayan was charged at the time of the incident with causing serious harm to her husband, arson and endangering the couple’s children. She is being held in Australia’s Adelaide Women’s Prison.

The couple’s children are left without a father and a mother who is likely to spend their childhood behind bars. The couple moved to Adelaide from Canberra just months prior to the fire. Mr. Narayan was working on the Air Warfare Destroyer project.

What is believed to have happened the morning of the fire that Mr. Narayan knocked over the bottle of methylated spirit after he had been set ablaze. The bottle cause a fire that resulted in about $1 million of damage to the Narayan home and an adjacent property.

Narayan suffered for almost a month with burns covering 85 per cent of his body. The couple’s three children and their mother escaped the home uninjured.


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