Did You Hear About The Kids Who Wanted To Honeymoon In Africa?

Three German children decided that they were tired of being cold. It only made sense that since Africa would be warm that they should take off and go get married there. The three plotted and took off when their parents were asleep New Year’s Eve.

The three kids, aged five, six and seven, lived together with his father and the girl’s mother.

The six-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl had dreams of being Mr. and Mrs. and the youngest girl at a mere 5 was going to be their witness to the affair. Off the trio trekked from their home in Hanover to the train station early New Year’s Day. They almost made it. A tram had been taken to the central station and they were almost aboard a train to the airport when the police stepped in.

Reuters reports:

“The children wanted to do something really special for the New Year,” said police spokesman Holger Jureczko. “They had it all planned out. They had three suitcases, filled with food, swimming costumes, a lilo and even sunglasses.”

They kids picked Africa because the boy figured it would be even warmer than Italy where he had once visited.

The police took them to the police station for a tour after convincing them that a trip to Africa without money may be a bit hard to do. After the tour the trio were handed over to their parents.


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