Follow-Up: Pardo’s Victims Are Named

The names of the dead from the ‘Santa Claus’ shooting Christmas Eve have been released. Bruce Jeffrey Prado’s former wife Sylvia is still listed as missing along with two others.

The remains of three of the victims were so badly burned that they are listed as either “missing” or “unidentified.”

Prado targeted his former wife and her parents at their annual Christmas Eve bash. Opening fire at the door he shoot an 8-year-old in the face before going on a rampage. He also used a homemade device to start a massive blaze. That device was his undoing as his Santa suit caught on fire leaving him with second and third degree burns. Prado escaped the home to drive to his brother’s and there he committed suicide.

The list of the dead is as follows:

# Joseph Ortega, 80, Sylvia Pardo’s father, multiple injuries

# Alicia Ortega, 70, Sylvia Pardo’s mother, gunshot wound to the abdomen

# Charles Ortega, 50, Sylvia Pardo’s brother, multiple gunshot wounds

# Cheri Ortega, 45, Charles Ortega’s wife, multiple injuries

# Teresa Ortega, 51, Sylvia Pardo’s sister-in-law, smoke inhalation, burns to the body and gunshot wound to right leg

# Alicia Ortiz, 46, Sylvia Pardo’s sister, multiple injuries

The last three remaining people that are known to have been in the home at the time of the rampage are Sylvia Pardo; her brother James “Junior” Ortega, 52; and Michael Ortiz, 17, Sylvia Pardo’s nephew and Alicia Ortiz’s son. Although there are three remains left unidentified it is impossible to say which is any of these three suspected victims.

The shootings and fire left 10 children orphaned. Three others lost one parent in the rampage.


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