Opinion: How The Heck Is Levi Johnston An Apprentice?

Sarah Palin made it clear earlier this week that her daughter and future son-in-law are not high school drop-outs. In fact Levi Johnston is now an electrical apprentice according to the Alaskan governor. That’s sweet.

There’s just one problem with the young man being in the program. He doesn’t have the required high school diploma that others need.

It’s this little federal regulations thing. All members of apprentice programs, union or otherwise, have to have that little piece of paper saying they finished high school.

Unless you just gave the lady in charge of Alaska a bouncing baby grandson it appears.

Bo Underwood, the man in charge of ASRC’s electrical apprentice program, confirmed that Levi Johnston is enrolled into the program. He claimed that he wasn’t sure if the youth needed a high school diploma or not.

Yeah, right. He’s in charge of a program that has staunch requirements and he doesn’t remember them? Something smells fishier than salmon coming upsteam to spawn.

There’s more to this quickie enrollment to an electrical apprentice program. The executive director of Associated Builders and Contractors, Rebecca Logan says that there are always waiting lists to get into these programs. At this time Logan’s program has at least 100 people on that waiting list. Her program is one of only three in the entire state.

So how did Johnston get into his program? Who pulled the chains? It’s a question that needs to be answered.


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