Opinion: The Young Pay The Cost

The law of nature is that a child buries their parents. That has been reversed in many war zones. The Gaza Strip is no different. Instead of targeting the governments and military the way to fight a war is bombing areas where children live.

The Gaza Strip is mourning its young. Children running along siblings coffins tears flowing is not the way it should be.

Children dumping garbage in an empty field died on Tuesday. A missile fired from a warship snuffed out two of three sisters and a young brother from the Hamdan family.

Samar Hamdan is just one of those children. This week she has seen three of her siblings laid to rest.

While Israel has said that the targets they are attacking are Hamas militants more than 30 children have paid the price.

When Nizar Rayyan died during Thursday’s attack so did nine children aged 2 to 19. all of Rayyan’s wives also perished with their husband.

It’s not just Israel. Hamas is guilty as well of putting those too young to figure into the politics of these actions. Add in Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Columbia and other nations that war has touched. It’s the children. They pay the price.

In Croatia the lingering death toll from weapons related child deaths carried on five years past the end of the war. Children have become desensitized from the constant death and destruction waved in front of them. Weapons are commonplace. Children have to grow up before their time.

UNICEF reported that the nations that are at war have the highest child mortality rates in the world.

Worldwide in 2006 almost 9.7 million children died before their fifth birthday. While disease made up a high percent of that number so did war. In times of war health care is often unavailable for children. All medical services are focused towards the wounded.

And the children pay.

Something is wrong with that picture.


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