Opinion: There Was A People

Once upon a time there was a people who were victimized during a war. These people were civilians. The ruler decided that they should all live in a ghetto, cramped and crowded.

The ruler also decided since they were sub-human that they didn’t deserve food nor medical care.

Weapons were used on these people to kill them. Medical experiments were performed on their children.

And the world wasn’t allowed in to help them. Until it was almost to late. Millions died. At the end of that war they formed a nation. They would be free.

There once was a people. Another people had formed a nation taking over their land. They were understandably a little miffed at this.

The other people had been their enemy for thousands of years. They fought. It was the way things had always been.

A little over 80 years after that first year the little nation of those who had been the victims decided they could take no more.

There is a people not allowed to have medical aid come in to help them. There is now a people who aren’t allowed to have food delivered to them. There is now a people that fear that one nation will kill it’s children.

About 75 years ago, give or take, the world proclaimed never again.

History. It has a way of repeating itself.

Sad isn’t it?


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