Opinion: Was The Sherry Johnston Case Delayed For the Federal Election?

There is more coming out about the Sherry Johnston drug case. One of the allegations coming into light was the investigation was delayed because of the federal election.

Let’s go on a little back journey. There was a woman in Alaska who is charged with selling the drug OxyContin, that woman is Sherry Johnston. Sherry Johnston is the mother of Levi Johnston. Levi Johnston is the father of Bristol Palin’s baby. Bristol Palin is the unwed mother of Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin was running as vice president on the John McCain ticket for president.

The search warrant for the investigation on Ms. Johnston came December 18. She was arrested the same day. Now that in itself isn’t big news. What is big news is the fact that the search warrant was delayed. A Mat-Su drug investigator and the union that represents the Alaska State Troopers are alleging that the case was delayed because of the November 4 election.

In normal circumstances this may sound like sour grapes but considering in the past Sarah Palin’s administration has been accused of using political power get things done the way she likes it reeks of a new level of corruption.

Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Joe Masters and troopers director Col. Audie Holloway are saying the case was handled correctly.

Kyle Young though is shouting out a different tune. He sent an e-mail last week to all members of the Public Safety Employees Association last week that the case of Johnston has been anything but normal.

Anchorage Daily News reports:

“It was not allowed to progress in a normal fashion, the search warrant service WAS delayed because of the pending election and the Mat Su Drug Unit and the case officer were not the ones calling the shots,” Young wrote.

Executive director of the union, John Cyr is agreeing that the investigation was handled differently because of who Johnston is in relation to Sarah Palin.

“This really does smack of political favoritism. And if that be the case, it’s another example of the Palin administration’s direct influence on the public safety unit,” Cyr said

The reason Cyr is so sure that Young is telling the truth is that the union president spoke to the entire drug unit and they concurred with Young.

The official word is that the search warrant came after Johnston sold the drugs to undercover agents.

The question though is why the sell couldn’t take place before. It may be due to the fact that the secret service was at the home of Johnston, not protecting her but watching over her son. The affidavit has a line in it about the Secret Service.

“It is true that Sherry was not directly under Secret Service protection, but it is true that when Levi was at the house, that he and other household members were under their protection,” Young wrote in his e-mail to union members.

“Text messages from Johnston to the informant indicated that she was afraid to meet and conduct one illegal transaction, because of Secret Service presence at her home,” Young wrote

But the Secret Service was never protecting the Johnston family, only Bristol Palin.

“There is no reason for the Mat Su drug unit to lie or to falsify the record in this regard. And there is reason, political reason, for the commissioner and other members of the command staff, if you will, to distort what actually happened,” he said.

So what is the truth? Is this a witch hunt to smear Sarah Palin or another case of her using her position to make things go the way she likes it?


One response to “Opinion: Was The Sherry Johnston Case Delayed For the Federal Election?

  • norawcoffey

    RE: Sherry L. Johnston

    The story of Sherry Johnston’s self-medication with the pharmaceutical drug OxyContin “to deal with the pain” after her hysterectomy seems to be incidental to her arrest. It was immediately characterized by some as an attempt on her part to garner sympathy. The fact that she was disabled by hysterectomy would hardly be noteworthy, if it were not for the fact that she is the “other” grandmother to Sarah Palin’s grandson Levi.

    The consequences of hysterectomy are rarely acknowledged. But the pain experienced by Sherry Johnston is the reality shared by tens of millions of women just like her in all corners of this country who have not been heard—1/3 of all women undergo a hysterectomy by the age of 60, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Their pain is usually dismissed as “all in your head.”

    The Hysterectomy Educational Resources and Services (HERS) Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about hysterectomy. Many women who call HERS have turned to drugs and alcohol to relieve the back and hip pain, loss of energy, loss of sexual feeling, and change in personality that are common, well-documented consequences of the surgery. Their symptoms are often dismissed or misdiagnosed, which leaves them with little alternative but to self-medicate.

    In an ongoing HERS study begun in 1991, 65.8% of women reported debilitating “bone and joint pain.” Furthermore, 79.6% of respondents report “loss of sexual desire,” while 79.1% report “personality change,” 72.8% “loss of stamina,” 72.1% “loss of short term memory,” 70.0% “loss of ability to socialize,” 61.5% “insomnia,” 53.7% “suicidal thoughts,” and 49.5% “unable to maintain previous employment.” In Sherry Johnston’s case, the aftermath of hysterectomy left her no choice but to forego her career as a hairstylist when the pain became disabling.

    It is with great sadness that I read these articles about a woman who, if she had been given information about the common sequelae of hysterectomy, would not be facing criminal charges related to a drug she needs to dull her pain.

    Nora W. Coffey
    HERS Foundation
    422 Bryn Mawr Avenue
    Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

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