Studio Brings Music to Texas Cancer Ward

The Purple Songs Can Fly recording studio is set up in an unlikely place, Texas Children’s Hospital. Since March 2006 it has produced 116 songs that may not be mainsteam but do a world of good.

The children at the hospital who deal with life and death have the studio to take their minds off of their everyday troubles. Founder Anita Kruse knows that music’s creative edge can help the kids soar.

The Houston based songwriter raised $10,000 to start Purple Songs. Since then it has been funded by donations. As she told MSNBC the studio gives the kids a creative outlet.

“Seeing someone going through something really difficult let that go, even if it’s just for the moment, it’s beautiful.”

The studio is part of the cancer center’s Arts in Medicine program.

Many of the young patients write about pets or their families like one of the latest recording artists Jalen
Huckabay. Jalen recently recorded a song about her puppy after writing the lyrics with the help of Kruse. Within two hours the pair came up with lyrics and the finished tracks.

Jalen’s works may find airplay like the ones being featured on audio tracks aboard Continental Airlines flights. Some of the children’s work have even made it to space, being played aboard the space shuttle.


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