The Most Important Question

As 2008 draws to a close I have a question for you: Did you enjoy it? Yes, that seems like a simple question but in the long run it is one of life’s most important ones.

Each year a person faces challenges that shape them. Each year there are many different pathways to take or refuse to walk. Each year we look back and at times question are choices.

But did you enjoy your time?

Each person has a different way of looking at that question. Some will answer it in great detail, stating what they should have, would have or would not have done. That’s not a true answer though for this question. There are only two true answers; Yes or No. It almost seems to simple.

While some of the tasks we have set before us seem to difficult to handle the way a person answers this simple question can almost pinpoint how they will respond to a crisis.

Some will go round and round to answer the question. In the end no one, including the person trying to answer will know the real answer. Those people may also go through life asking so many questions that they fail to jump in with both feet and just live.

Some people will look to the ground and sadly shake their heads no, they didn’t enjoy their time. They haven’t worked at changing their path, simply walking the same road each and everyday towards the end.

Some will not be able to commit to a simple yes or no, saying that their answer is too complicated.

Some though will think back, reviewing quickly their fate and smile back with a hearty yes. Those are the ones that took life with both hands and danced. They may not have had the best times compared to others but they took it for what it was worth.

So again, I will ask one little question:

Did you enjoy it?

I hope your answer is a positive yes.

As for me, my answer is yes. While the year was trying at times the positives outweighed the negatives by far.

I hope your new year is filled with the sense of adventure that the gift of life deserves.


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