Was It A Pink Slip Or Too Much Sushi For Piven?

While Jeremy Piven may say that mercury poisoning lead to him leaving Speed the Plow others say he was fired. The star claims that he left his run early because of mercury poisoning. The word out though is he was booted off the show for being a diva.

Some of the reasons a player on Speed the Plow stated were showing up two minutes prior to the curtain call, having his understudy go on if he didn’t like the size of the audience and diva like behaviour that alienated the cast and crew.

Insiders say that the mercury story is how Piven is saving face after his contract was torn up. The fact is he had been trying to get fired for over a month according to those tipping tabloids like E Online.

The Piven camp though is standing firm on the mercury story. They deny that the star of Entourage was fired.


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