Can You Read This? Many Can’t

If you have to have someone else read you this article you’re not alone. One in seven United States adults are illiterate. That is the finding in a federal study released earlier this week.

In the United States there are an estimated 32 million adults walking around who are unable to read. The lack of that skill can make everyday functions impossible. Filling out an employment application requires basic reading skills.

Being able to read simple safety precautions is a key way of preventing accidents. When someone is faking it they put others at risk. Reading the side effects on the prescription bottle and paperwork is key to staying healthy. Helping your children do their homework requires being able to read.

Some states are tackling the problem. Mississippi the levels of illiteracy dropped from 25% to 25% since 1992 when the last survey results came out.

That’s not the case in California, New York, Florida and Nevada where the numbers rose.

The survey took place in 2003. Being illiterate in the United States a person can not read nor understand any written information in English.

The results of the latest survey differs from the 1992 one in regard to testing those who English is not the native language. That may have been the cause of such a high number of people deemed illiterate.


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