Mexico Is Considering Banning All Toy Guns

Mexico is considering banning toy guns in an effort to lower aggression among Mexican children dealing with the wave of criminal violence throughout the nation.

If the Mexican parliament does ban the guns it will be a wide hand ruling. The ban will include production, import, sale, rent and use of plastic weapons of most kinds.

Last year the death toll because of guns was over 5,300. Drug wars have made Mexico a deadly battleground.

The Guardian reports:

“The nation’s serious problem of violence means it is urgent to take measures to control these kind of toys that do nothing to contribute to making a peaceful and aware society,” the bill states.

In 2002 a ban came into play for all realistic replicas. The penalties though only are limited to confiscations. Other than a few police sweeps during the Christmas holiday season the ruling is not taken seriously. Some local programs do offer children the chance to hand over their toy guns in exchange of educational toys. Those promotions though don’t do well.

In Mexico most children receive most of their toy gifts on January 6, Three Kings Day. Reporters from La Jornada easily found toy Kalashnikovs and other toy assault rifles along the many street markets in Mexico City just days before the holiday.


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