Texas School Steriod Testing Program Has Cost $6 Million

As school budgets are being slashed around the United States, Texas is spending $6 million to test for steroid use in the school. Students have been pulled from their classes to pee in the cup for this steroids testing program.

After the first 10,000 tests the results are in. Texas spent $6 million to find four out of 10,000 students to be using steroids. This is after removing both genders from classrooms to have their urine tested. All sports were included in the randomly selected testing program.

By the time this school year ends it is expected that between 40,000-50,000 students will have been tested for the hormone enhancers. The four positive tests were as follows; two of the drugs identified were the anabolic steroid boldenone and a steroid called methylandrostandiol. Those results are according to the University Interscholastic League’s report released on December 1 from the first 10,117 tests.

Twenty-two other tests were deemed positive because the students broke the rules. Those students either refused to take the test, were not in school that day with an excused absence or left the testing area without approval. Students will positive results were suspended from play for 30 days.

There were 195 schools involved in that round of testing.

In Florida a similar program was discarded after only one positive test result came from 600 tests. That program cost tax payers $100,000.


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