Woman Goes To Hospital For Kidney Stone, Comes Home With Baby

A Newfoundland woman went to the hospital on New Year’s Eve in severe pain. She figured she had a kidney stone. She was wrong. She delivered son Nicholas early in the morning.

Juanita Stead had no idea she and husband Terry were adding on to their family. She admits she’s plus sized but she had no signs that she was carrying a full term baby. She is a rare breed of lady who never skipped her period.

Stead had been at a New Year’s Eve Party when her back started to hurt. When the pain increased she and brother-in-law Wayne Broughton of Broughton’s Ambulance Service figured she was dealing with a kidney stone. Broughton insisted that she go to the hospital and drove her there. After a series of blood tests the woman went into X-ray. That’s when the doctors got a surprise, a baby was in clear view.

The Compass Reports:

“The technician looked at me and said my dear you’re pregnant with a full term baby,” says Juanita. “And I said no sir, you got the wrong woman and you’re looking at the wrong screen. There is no way I’m pregnant. I can’t be.”

“This is some kidney stone isn’t it,” she says cuddling her newborn baby. “We’re all still in shock. We just can’t believe it.”

Nicholas was ready to make his appearance and wasted no time in doing so. Six minutes after Juanita had been taken into the case room Nicholas was delivered bum first.

Two years ago when big brother Cameron was born Juanita didn’t have time to make it to the hospital. He was born at home two months early. Cameron though was not a healthy baby like little brother Nicholas. Last year the toddler underwent bowel, liver and pancreas transplant.

While seven pound, 12 ounce Nicholas is healthy the same may not be said of Daddy Terry. Juanita joked that when he heard that the baby was on route he almost had a heart attack.

The family now scrambles to get the clothes a newborn needs. Juanita admits she once scoffed at stories where mothers didn’t know they were pregnant. Now she knows that it can happen.

“I said it was impossible, there was no way it could happen. They would have felt something, some movement. However I know the difference now because I’m one of them.”

Holding Nicholas out for his big brother to kiss she adds: “He’s a little miracle, that’s what he is. Both my kids are.”


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