Carol Bartz Named New Yahoo CEO

Carol Bartz, 60, has been named as the new CEO for Yahoo. The Silicon Valley legend is expected to bring in a no-nonsense style for the Internet company. For the past three years Yahoo has been in slump.

Bartz was lured from Autodesk Inc. after a two month search to replace Jerry Yang. Yang stepped down from his position after the death of deals with Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc. last year.

While company heads are positive about the choice of Bartz in control shareholders may not be. Yahoo stock when down 12 cents after she was named CEO. It recovered though by end of trading 15 cents.

Yahoo Tech reports:

“She is able to see the essence of things because she doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about how people are going to feel,” said Nilofer Merchant, a former Autodesk manager who is now CEO of technology consultant Rubicon. “She is driven by doing the best thing for the business.”

She did a good job of turning struggling Autodesk around when she took the reins in 1992. Now the company has grown from a single software product to design software and computer programs that add special effects to the Boob Tube and Silver Screen. She achieved all of those while dealing with breast cancer. Just a short time after she was hired in 1992 she was diagnosed. Within four weeks she had a mastectomy and was back to work.


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