Denise Dawson Deemed Too Honest To Be Fair Witness

During a driving lesson in 2007 instructor Denise Dawson of Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, was assaulted. She picked her attacker out of a ID parade and was set to testify in the trial. The only problem is Denise is just to darned honest.

Judge Jamie Tabor QC praised Dawson for being honest, decent and brave. Those qualities should be considered key elements in a trial but they are the reason the court proceedings were canceled.

The Mirror reports:

Judge Tabor stunned Bristol crown court as he said: “Denise Dawson was a particularly impressive witness because she showed courage, clarity of thought and was undoubtedly honest. The jury may lend more weight to her evidence than her facts allow. You cannot be sure she got it right … had this been the Archbishop of Canterbury’s son, would I have allowed the trial to go on? The answer is no.”

Dawson is disgusted. The judge had even rewarded her with s250 for her courage in testifying against Liam Perks, the man who she claims broke her nose in the attack.

This isn`t the first case where Judge Tabor QC has made a `kick in the teeth`choice in favor of the criminal. Last May he freed a woman who had tried to poison her husband. The judge said that the lady wasn`t a criminal even after she admitted to doing the deed.

Last year he let a teacher off who spanked a 11-year-old boy because Tabor deemed the boy seemed to enjoy it.


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