Opinion: Ice Age Alert, Toronto Is Shivering

Something is wrong in the world today, Toronto is colder than Yellowknife. Temperatures have dropped to the -20 C range in the GTA with colder weather coming before the balmy -6 C temperatures we can expect this weekend.

Now granted Toronto is in Canada so cold weather is expected during the winter. Going out and being hit by a wind chill of -30 C is not. That’s for the Arctic isn’t it?

I think the polar bears in Yellowknife are laughing while dealing with their mild -13 C temperatures expected for Thursday.

The only good thing about freezing like a Popsicle is the chance of a heavy snowfall is slim.

As CBC reports:

“You know when you get really cold temperatures there’s not a lot of moisture in the air, so any systems that do come through usually don’t hold that much in the way of snowfall,” CBC meteorologist Nick Czernkovich said.

When it’s this cold snuggling up with a cup of tea and a great book is the only sane option. Still we brave Canucks trudge on wearing our mega layers of sweaters to brave the chill.

So here’s to you Toronto! Spring is only a couple of months away.


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