Opinion: Struggling With Religious Editorials And Tolerance For News Sites

Do opinion pieces with a religious or total non-secular bent belong on news source sites? These type of articles bring out the claws of those who do not believe in the same world view.

That’s great for getting comments but in the long run does it taint the image of a news source?

While places of worship are free to discuss social issues with their viewpoints that can not always be said of the media.

Religious freedom is a right in the United States. That does not carry through to every nation in the world. In fact some nations will use any means possible to silence opposing viewpoints. News sources online have to consider that fact.

During the past presidential election in the United States religious view points were the news. Church and state did not have the widest divide as it had in times past. God and Christianity at times seemed to be on the campaign trail as much as other issues. Each candidate’s religious views were news fodder.

Was that the fault of the media and news sources? By allowing it to take center stage did that allow those who have a narrow world view believe that only one view point was viable.

At times one side or the other can believe that the editorial staff of a news source is biased if a person’s views are slighted. Instead of tolerance of all view points a news source is then labeled as leaning to either the right or the left.

At times Digital Journal.com has been accused of this. In reality the staff is not biased, rather allowing for all views to be seen. That action, or rather as it could appear to others, non-action, can lead to some viewers believing that the staff is leaning in a way that it may not be.

So what is the answer? Is eliminating any material other than straight news in religious issues the way to go? Is limiting religious based editorials to only certain groups right?

Each view point deserves to be observed and commented on. The trick is doing this in a way that over-all tolerance is also observed. When the news source site becomes a playground of name calling it sullies the name of that site. While this is a difficult task it is the only way these type of editorials do not tarnish a site.

In the end it’s up to both those who report for a news source and the editorial staff to ride the fine line between the right for religious free speech and the overwhelming need of tolerance. For without that tolerance such editorial pieces only bring a negative view of the news site.


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