Yu Fahai Ordered To Drink His Own Urine By Airport Security

A retired police officer was ordered to drink his own urine by airport security at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai. Yu Fahai, 58, was carrying an urine sample in his pocket when the incident occurred.

Yu must test his urine often for infection after receiving a kidney transplant several years ago. Because of that he was carrying a bottle of the liquid in his pocket. Carrying liquid aboard a flight is against national regulations.

This was the first time Yu had ever flown. He was attending a TV awards ceremony in Shanghai.

Ananova reports:

“The checker asked me what was inside, and I told her it was my urine. She said: “Urine? Drink some to prove it”,” said Yu at his home in Chibi, Hubei province.

Yu has filed a complaint against the airport.

The security guard claims that the man’s pronunciation was difficult to understand and mistook ‘beverage’ for ‘urine.’

Once the guard understood what the liquid was he apologized and made an exception allowing the liquid aboard because of Yu’s medical history.


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