Christopher Dotson Endured Days Of Being Beaten Before He Died

A 6-year-old Dallas boy is dead at the hands of a live-in boyfriend. Christopher Dotson died Tuesday after being beaten throughout the day and then pushed underwater. The mother did not report the beatings the little boy endured for days before his death.

The Dallas police arrested Anthony Lamar Beckett, 24, on Tuesday for the child’s death. Late Thursday evening Erica Dotson was charged with injury to a child in the case of Christopher Dotson.

The Dallas County medical examiner has ruled that the child died from blunt force injuries and possible drowning.

Christopher was found covered in bruised and not moving on Monday afternoon. Beckett told the paramedics that he had punished the child by dunking him underwater for seconds at a time. The child’s beating began on Sunday evening. On Monday the child attended school for the day. He was struck again when he returned home. Beckett used fabric and a leather belt to hit him all over his small body.

Beckett is in the Dallas County Jail on a $1.5 million bail. Dotson has yet to be processed at the jail.


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