Judge Offers His Own Type Of Torture Chamber For Noise Offenders

If you want to make others listen to your music in Fort Lupton, Colorado you may have to face Judge Paul Sacco. Those who blare their music are sentenced to spend Friday night at the courtroom listening to Sacco’s choice of music, including Barry Manilow.

The teens are not allowed to pay their way out of an evening of Sacco’s music either, no fines are excepted.

Sacco has been issuing his own brand of cruel and unusual punishment for the last decade.

Teens in the town know that if they are caught making others suffer their music they will be suffering too. After all Judge Sacco often starts his Friday night music time with the theme song from Barney. The teens often get a bit of opera and Boy George in their musical torture chamber time.

After Sacco figured out that most parents have to cough up the bill when he fined their kids for noise crimes he latched onto his current mode of punishment.

Sacco selects the playlist that he believes will most annoy the youthful offenders. His young charges also know that he likes them and cares about their future. Plus this is a great way to make sure kids understand others don’t always want to hear their kind of music blaring.

Once in the ultimate act of ‘torture’ he played a song he wrote and performed.

Those who are ‘granted’ the special tickets for an evening of Sacco Music often start cringing even before the first notes are played. After all they have heard from others who have visited the torture chamber. For the next hour they will be listening to Barney, Bing Crosby, Barry Manilow and whatever else is on the playlist.

Offenders rarely make a return visit.

The LA Times reports:

It works in the short term, said Grannis, the police chief. “They go back to doing what they’re doing,” he said, but they’re more cautious about it.

“As soon as they see you, [the blaring car stereo] shuts off,” said Grannis. “I really think it’s a deterrent.” He counts himself a fan of the program, though as a country music fan, he doesn’t think Willie Nelson belongs on the playlist.


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