No Bible Used For Obama’s Second Oath

When Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States the second time there was no Bible used. While some may question if he’s still the president, the Bible isn’t the key factor in the oath.

Of course critics will undoubtedly use the lack of the Bible as a trump card. But those critics will latch onto anything they can. Is the lack of the Bible though something for American’s to worry about?

Considering that the United States claims to be a secular nation it shouldn’t. That said most in the nation cling to the Christian faith. That faith was a major factor in the past presidential campaign.

At least one group is happy about the lack of the holy book as Times Online reports:

“The retaking of the oath went without a hitch and Obama was successfully sworn in, a second time, as president of the United States Of America. But this time he done it without his left hand on the bible,” reported the Atheist News weblog.

“Obviously this is not that much of a big deal and the second taking of the oath was just, as the White House lawyer put it, “out of the abundance of caution”. But it is refreshing to see that Obama doesn’t attach much important to religious pomp and ceremony.”


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