Opinion: Palin Wants The Media To Stay Away From Her Kids

Sarah Palin is telling the media to stay away from her kids. She is tired of what she calls malicious gossip about her and her children. Political observers counter that the Alaskan governor can’t have her cake and not let the media eat.

The governor has trotted her kids out on political functions allowing them to be snapped by the media. While she didn’t give many interviews during the presidential election she did make sure that there were plenty of photo ops involving the children. She had no problem at that time in allowing her pregnant teenage daughter being pictured during that time.

When the media said that Bristol and Levi Johnston were high school drop outs she fired back that they were enrolled in correspondence classes.

The Associated Press quotes Palin.

“It’s all about the family,” she said. “I’m wired in a way that I can take the criticism. I can take the shots. But any mother would want to protect their children from lies and scandalous reporting.”

She is saying that the media is targeting her and her family. She is also saying that she is being singled out. That’s not the case. Political families are often under the microscope. They are media fodder, just ask the Bush girls whose antics were often front page news in their father’s early days as president.

Already the Obama girls are being photographed as they venture out to school.

Right or wrong when one chooses a political career the media will look deeper. It’s one of the prices a family pays for being front and center for their country.


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