Toronto’s Cheese and Wine Hot Spot Cafe Taste Is A Delight

Three and a half years ago Jeremy Day, a self confessed “Wine Geek” opened up Cafe Taste in Toronto’s Parkdale Village area. A place for cheese and wine lovers to sit back, relax and soak up the atmosphere.

Cafe Taste is located at 1330 Queen Street West. It’s a quaint little spot featuring over 30 wines and cheeses on any given day.

The first thing you notice when you enter cafe Taste is that it’s not stuffy. Some wine spots cater to the snob crowd, not Cafe Taste. This is the place to hit if you enjoy gathering with friends or want an intimate spot for a date. With a relaxed staff the ambiance is far from high brow, it’s more hip yuppie zen-like.

Speaking of staff, these guys know their stuff. If you’re not sure of what kind of cheese or wine you would desire ask.

This isn’t a cafe to go for a full meal. The focus is on it’s cheeses and wines. On Saturday night we tasted the bread platter with olives. The bread is home made and tastes it. I will be returning to pick up a few loaves. We also nibbled on the cheese tray. There are four sizes featuring one to four types of cheese, bread, fruit, nuts and olives. Once you’ve tasted the cheeses you have to dive into the desserts. Their featured cake is a two man tower of yum. The trick with this one is to make sure every delicious layer makes it on your spoon.

Cafe Taste is a green business. They use Bullfrog for 100% green power. Their commercial products come from Greenshift. All of their cheeses, bread and organic meats are available to take home with you. If you’re into the green movement you’ll be happy to note these guys love it when you provide your own containers for food stuffs to take home with you.

You were in luck Saturday night to also be able to hear live music starting with a set by Ania Z. The set was rounded out by Toronto native Blair Packham. The songwriter was once the lead singer of The Jitters. Blair is now the co-host of CFRB1010’s Rock Talk playing Sundays in Toronto.

There are Wine Tastings and seminars every month. Every Sunday Cafe Taste has a free movie night. After the film a lively discussion takes place.

One exciting feature is their IceWine parties in the winter. The staff required 72 hours to host these private get togethers featuring Ice wine, Ice shots, Ice cocktails and Ice beer, all served out of ice glasses.

Cafe Taste is definitely a Toronto night spot to check out.


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