Amador Bernabe Got A Pink Slip For Not Using Toilet Paper

Amador Bernabe was working at Townsville Engineering Industries in Australia on a working visa when he was fired. He didn’t get his pink slip for his job performance, it was the way he uses the loo. Bernabe of the Philippines does not use toilet paper.

He uses water instead to clean himself, like many from his native country.

The Townsville Bulletin reports:

“I went to go to the toilet and I took a bottle of water when my foreman saw me and he said `you can’t bring the water in there’,” Mr Bernabe said.

“I asked why and he said it wasn’t good but I said it’s our way and he followed me into the toilet.

“I said it’s my personal hygiene. I didn’t break any law, I didn’t break any rules of the company, why can’t I do this, and he said he would report me to the manager.

That single act resulted in Bernabe being let go the following day. When he reported to work he was informed that his manager wanted to see him. He was told unless he started to use toilet paper the way others in Australia did he would be let go. Bernabe responded with “sir, then you better terminate me.”

And that’s just what the manager did.

Rick Finch of Australian Manufacturing Worker’s Union is shocked by the incident.

“I think it is atrocious, an invasion of a person’s rights and cultural beliefs,” he said.

“The paradox of the toilet and a person’s actions is something that no boss can even think about interfering with and the thought that bosses think they have the control to get involved in the toiletry is a gross invasion of an employee’s privacy.

“If it wasn’t so disgusting it would almost be laughable.

Bernabe is being praised for standing up for his cultural beliefs.


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