Facebook May Have the Users But MySpace is Getting the Dollars

Facebook may be a traffic jam when it comes to social networks but the ad sales aren’t as wonderful as that traffic. MySpace still is at the top of the heap when it comes to getting the wallets out.

MySpace is still the largest social network going but that could change quickly as Facebook keeps growing. That’s not really worrying the execs at MySpace. Being big in ad numbers is much more important.

As adage.com reports MySpace has certain goals for its business:

“We are laser focused on building a sustainable global business which we measure by profits and revenue — not just eyeballs. In a tough economic climate, our international revenue is up 30% year over year and we continue to focus on those markets with the strong monetization opportunities.

Facebook may focus on getting more and more users but that may not be as profitable as the motives that MySpace has.

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“Additionally, MySpace continues to dominate the U.S. market — where the bulk of online advertising revenues reside — both in terms of monetization and user engagement with more than 76 million unique users and a 40% spike in engagement year over year.”

As for Facebook the news is pretty impressive as well. Twenty-two percent of all Internet users are members of the network. That is including Chinese users. More than a billion global users have been at the site.


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