UN Wants Thailand To Answer Questions About Burmese Refugees

Thailand has sent 126 from Burmese Rohingya from Bangladesh seeking asylum back to were they came from last week. Thai forces are sending those hoping for freedom back to the sea with little food or water and no hope.

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There are thousands of Bangladeshis and Rohingyas who fled from Myanmar seeking freedom in Thailand.

Hundreds have been rescued by India and Indonesia but hundreds more are lost at sea.

Those who have survived are telling a harsh tale of the Thai military they hoped would save them. Reports are coming forth that the military sends the refugees back to sea in boats with no motors and little other than a few bags of rice to survive on.

The United Nations has been attempting to get information about the 126 refugees that landed on Thailand’s shores last week. Those effects have failed. The government admits that getting information from local military units is difficult.

While new Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has told illegal migrants that they will have humane treatment he has shown to have little control over the way his military carries out those orders. He has launched an investigation on refugees found on a small island left to starve and others that tourists have taken photos of.


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