Blackwater Barred From Iraq

Iraq has barred Blackwater Worldwide form providing security protection to United States diplomats. The company has been accused of using excessive force to carry out its mission. In 2007 17 Iraqi civilians were killed by Blackwater members.

Iraq’s move to bar the company takes away the US diplomats security force which has been labeled as criminals.

Blackwater personnel have not been given a date to leave the country. It is not clear if the company will be working until they are removed and another security team is in place.

The Associated Press reports:

“We have received no official communications from the government of Iraq or our customer on the status of those applications or the future of our work in Iraq,” Anne Tyrrell, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina-based company said.

“Blackwater has always said that we will continue the important work of protecting U.S. government officials in Iraq for as long as our customer asks us to do so, and in accordance with Iraqi law. That has not changed.”

This movie shouldn’t come to as a surprise as Iraq takes back the reins of governing their country. Blackwater’s actions during the time that they have been in Iraq have often been questionable. With a contract and directives from the government the company has free rein as to how they operated.

The U.S embassy is now working to address the “implications of this decision.”


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