CIA Official Accused of Raping Muslim Women

A CIA Station Chief in Algeria has been accused of raping at least two Muslim women according to ABC News. United States law enforcement sources have said that Andrew Warren used drinks with a knock out drug.

Andrew Warren has been issued an affidavit for a search warrant. The warrant was filed in Washington, D.C. by the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service.

Warren is said to be a convert to the Muslim religion. He was ordered to return to the United States from Algeria by David Pearce, the United States Ambassador. This happened after the two women came forward with a story of being allegedly raped by Warren.

The two cases are separate and were reported independently of each other.

The first woman said she was raped in September 2007 after a party at Warren’s residence. She stated that after Warren fixed her a cola and whiskey she felt ill. She said that Warren told he to spend the night at his home. She woke up nude with no memory of the actions of the previous night. She realized that sexual intercourse had taken place.

The second victim had a similar story. She was invited to take a tour of his home after meeting him at the U.S. embassy. Warren prepared her an apple martini. She felt faint and went to the washroom. At that point she claims that she could see and hear but not move. She further claims that Warren undressed her and told her she would feel better after a bath. She stated that she asked Warren to stop after he took her to his bed.

ABC reports:

“Warren made a statement to the effect of ‘nobody stays in my expensive sheets with clothes on.'” She told investigators “as she slipped in and out of consciousness she had conscious images of Warren penetrating her vagina repeatedly with his penis.”

This victim also claims that she sent Warren a text message accusing him of abusing her which he replied with “I’m sorry.”

An interview by Diplomatic Security investigators was carried out with Warren. At that time Warren admited that he had consensual sexual intercourse with the women and that his computer held their pictures. He would not allow for the seizure of that computer. Because of that refusal a search warrant had to be issued.

A search of Warren’s Algiers home uncovered Valium and Xanax and a handbook on the investigation of sexual assaults according to the affidavit.

According to the FBI lab the two drugs can be used as a ‘date rape drug.’

“Drugs commonly referred to as date rape drugs are difficult to detect because the body rapidly metabolizes them,” said former FBI agent Brad Garrett, an ABC News consultant. “Many times women are not aware they were even assaulted until the next day,” a source said.

The search warrant also uncovered videos that appear to have been recorded secretly and shows Warren having sex. One of the victims on the video is said to have been in a “semi-conscious state.”

The investigation will expand to Cairo because of time stamping date on the tapes.


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