Fact or Rumor? Google To Buy Skype

With all the economic problems that Google has had in recent months there is still talk at the water fountain it plans to buy Skype. The VoIP Internet service that has actually increased its revenue during this recent money crisis.

Skype has increased its revenue by 26 per cent since last quarter. Still that increase isn’t enough to keep its home company eBay from trying to pass it off to the highest bidder.

Skype’s recent success isn’t enough to pull it out of the trash heap that eBay has gotten itself into. Revenue at the online auction house has taken a dive, down 7 per cent to $2.04 billion. Considering that last quarter is the time of year when cash cows rake in the dollars that is not a great sign.

Tech Radar reports:

“Even eBay has now admitted that its $2.6bn purchase of Skype in 2005 was too much. With still no logical integration between the telephony service and the auction site, speculation over a potential sale is again intensifying,” says Jemima Kiss in The Guardian.

The top bidder just may be the Internet giant Google. With its tentacles in all areas of the world wide web it makes sense that Google would be interested in Skype. Back in November 2007 Google had expected a desire to own the business.

So is this just idle chatter around the water fountain or is a deal in the works? Stay tuned for further updates.


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