Hundreds Protest In Toronto For The Innocents Of Sri Lanka

Hundreds of protesters lined Toronto’s King Street East last Wednesday to protest Ski Lanka’s innocents being killed. Braving a snow storm they lined up protesting the government’s slaughter of Tamil civilians, aid workers and journalists.

Talking to one of the protesters I was moved by the man’s emotions. He is free in Canada but his family in Sri Lanka fear for their lives. He claimed that the media has kept the plight of his people quiet listening only to that of the government’s official stance.

KJ Mullins
Protest on King Street East, Toronto for innocents in Sri Lanka.
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He went on to tell how Red Cross workers are being forced into the bunkers with the rest of the innocents just to stay alive. He spoke of schools, churches and hospitals being targets of the military guns. He spoke how journalists have to flee or face the jail cell or worse yet their own deaths for speaking out on the matter. As the police asked us to move off of the sidewalk many more gathered to talk about their concerns.

They are killing the innocents. That was the one statement that all that were lining the street wanted known. They want the message to be sent to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and United States President Obama. They want the word out.

In the last four days 86 civilians have been killed. The hospitals are dealing with at least 300 injured. Those hospitals are also dealing with bombs coming in by the fighting.

That word is difficult to leave their native land as journalists face a bullet for speaking out. In the past two years 15 journalist have lost their lives and 7 more have been jailed. Twenty-five journalists have fled the terror, again silencing the story in order to stay alive.

The innocents are in crossfire between the Tamil Tigers and the government forces. Dozens have been killed in the past few weeks.

The Toronto Star reports:

“They are killing innocent people, little children. The situation is so bad but the international community is not even talking about it.”

The coalition to strop war in Sri Lanka can be reached at


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