Opinion: Does Cursive Writing Still Belong In School?

At one time penmanship was an important part of education. That was before the age of computers. Now learning computer skills is considered more vital than learning cursive. With schools dropping some programs should cursive go the way of the dinosaurs?

While cursive is still being taught nationwide some professionals in the education field are questioning if it is a skill that can be eliminated. Society seems to working in the favor of canceling out the art of writing. It is now rare to see cursive other than in a school situation.

As it is now having beautiful penmanship is no longer the objective; being able to write efficiently is. Cursive is nice for letter writing but other than that where is it used in society today? While my own mother may be rolling in her grave as I ask this, sometimes progress requires some skills of olden days to be replaced. Perhaps cursive is one of those subjects.

When I was in school I had to have all important papers written in cursive. My kids have to turn in their work after typing it up on their computers.

Perhaps cursive could be taken from the curriculum and recess take its place. Could it be possible to bring back art classes and have a unit on cursive as an form art?

If I had my choice removing cursive for the arts and physical activity may be the way to go.


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