Opinion: Does Nadya Suleman Plan On Cashing In On Her Babies?

She’s a single mom. She wants the money. Is that why Nadya Suleman has kept having babies? It’s been revealed that she wants 2 million from commercials and interviews. She wants interviews to plans with Oprah and Good Morning America’s Diane Sawyer.

With fourteen children under the age of eight Nadya Suleman, 33, has to find a way to feed a lot of mouths. From her hospital bed she is trying to line up interviews and sponsorships. Was that one of the reasons she decided to have so many babies? Did she think that she would become rich from being a single mother of a slew of infants?

That money may not be forthcoming with her story front and center of ethical controversy. She ignored medical guidelines putting both herself and her eight youngest children at medical risk.

As the public becomes more aware of her story many have critized how an unemployed mother of six could consider adding eight more children to her family when she was not able to provide for the first batches. She has already added to her own parents financial strain.

Angela Suleman is watching her daughter’s oldest six until Nadya leaves the hospital. She claims her daughter is obsessed with children.

The children are the product of a sperm donor. She at one time worked at a fertility clinic. It is suspected that the donor is a friend of hers who is also the father of her twins.

Times Online reports:

Michael Tucker of the Georgia Reproductive Clinic, Atlanta, said Suleman’s story stunned him. “We are policed by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, which frowns upon implanting more than two or three embryos at a time. It is remarkable that any practitioner would undertake such a practice.”

Is it possible that shows like ‘John and Kate Plus 8′ and ’17 And Counting’ on TLC have had a part? Both shows feature enormous children and families that appear to have it made financially.

The Duggar family have 18 children. They were all born from natural means. Their father has rental properties that supports them. they also make money from their books and shows.

The Gosselins have struggled at times according to their show with money. The show and other endorsements though have helped them to provide for their family. John works full time and Kate is a nurse.

Could the popularity of these two shows be responsible for a new trend of huge families? Could those families believe that they to will be famous and get money for having mega-sized families?


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