US Army Helping To Destroy Tunnels At Egyptian Border

The United States have sent engineers to the Egypt/Gaza border to install ground-penetrating radar in order to detect smuggling tunnels.

The equipment is being put in place by the United States Army. Smuggling tunnels at the Egyptian border through tunnels have been how Hamas obtains weapons and explosions.

Four trucks arrived at the Rafah terminal on Sunday to get the operation started.

The Army is in the process of training Egyptian soldiers on how to locate and then destroy the tunnels in Egypt. a second ground of Egyptian soldiers will be trained at a base in Texas in the near future.

Haaretz reports:

“The Egyptians have intensified their efforts along the border, but their activity is still a drop in the sea, and the smuggling is continuing,” Baidatz told the cabinet.

The United States have allocated $23 million to the project.

Israel has repeatedly asked Egypt to help end the tunnels.


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