As JuicyCampus Dies, College ACB Takes Its Place

The Internet site JuicyCampus has been put to bed. The site was often the place where cruel messages about college gossip surfaced. For those users trying to return to the site a redirect is sent to a tamer site College ACB headed by Peter Frank.

From saying rape victims deserved it to who was the easiest freshmen th JuicyCampus garnered the scorn of college administrators across the board.

Today though JuicyCampus is being replaced by When one goes to the JuicyCampus site they are being redirected to the newer site started by Peter Frank. The new site promises to flag threatening, racist, or otherwise illegal posts.

The mission statement is:

The CollegeACB or College Anonymous Confession Board seeks to give students a place to vent, rant, and talk to college peers in an environment free from social constraints and about subjects that might otherwise be taboo.

As for the closing of JuicyCampus the adult buzz on the Web is elation. Yahoo Tech reports:

“We’re very happy,” said Erika Lowe, vice president of the student government at Western Illinois University, which had been working with administrators to block the site from campus computers there. “While we support free speech, there was nothing positive coming out of this Web site. It only served to dampen spirits and ruin friendships.”

The JuicyCampus site launched in 2007 on seven campuses. Founder Matt Ivester said that the site was getting 1 million unique hits a month.

The site went offline by Thursday. Ivester said that legal troubles were not to blame for the site’s removal.

“While there are parts of JuicyCampus that none of us will miss — the mean-spirited posts and personal attacks — it has also been a place for the fun, lighthearted gossip of college life. I hope that is how it is remembered,” he wrote, before signing off: “Keep it juicy.”

In an phone interview with the new site’s founder Peter Frank I asked if Ivester was part of the new site’s team. Mr. Frank said that he was not. The redirecting of the site from the JuicyCampus one was a deal that Frank worked out personally with Ivester.

Frank said that although Ivester had a terms of service little was done to enforce that. CollegeACB on the other hand is committed to keeping the problems that plagued JuicyCampus off-line. Not only does Frank personally moderate the content on the site users are involved. When a complaint is lodged it is quickly investigated.

Peter Frank is a student at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He has been the head of College ACB for just a few months. The site itself has been live for about a year.


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