Authorities Dragging Feet 6 Months After Sunrise Propane Blast

It’s been six months since Sunrise Propane exploded in Toronto. Little has yet to change for those affected on the morning of August 10. Insurance companies and politicians are both taking their time when it comes to help those affected by the explosion.

When the explosion lit the sky last August 12,000 residents were forced from their homes. Most have returned but dozens have been left homeless.

Houses are still boarded up unable to have their owners return. Insurance companies are taking their sweet time forcing the residents to make the needed repairs on their own.

Bob Leek, 55, was killed in the fire at the company. The firefighter had 25 years of experience. He was a district chief of emergency planning. He left behind a wife and son.

It’s not just the insurance companies that are dragging their feet according to the residents in the Keele and Wilson area. Politicians are passing the buck allowing those they serve to live in unlivable homes.

City councilor Maria Augimeri says that this is a province issue. She is quoted by City News:

“It’s wrong for people to live this way. And it’s wrong for the province to keep hiding,” she contended.

Sunrise Propane stills behind a fence now as the clean up effort is still on-going. The city is having to pick up most of the $1.9 million tab to clear the debris. The province’s Ontario Ministry of the Environment is paying for the 120 workers that were hired in the first days after the blast with $900,000.


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