Did My Space Ousted Sex Offenders Travel To Facebook?

MySpace had rid itself of sex offenders. 90,000 of them have been kicked off of the site in the past two years. They seem to have found a new home, Facebook.

Former New York City police office and the CEO of Sentinel, a security technology firm out of Miami, John Cardillo has called Facebook a “safe haven” for sex offenders Sentinel helps other social networks ID sex offenders. Facebook is not a client.

Using a software program SAFE, MySpace has been able to locate and remove sex offenders who have joined. SAFE is a database of more than 700,000 sex offenders in the United States. The database includes names, address, photos, birth dates, email and IM addresses. It also has more than 100 data points in which to find offenders.

John Cardillo decided to look for the ousted members of MySpace on Facebook. He quickly found 8,000 of them without effort. He believes that the real number is up to 20 times that number.

Facebook has pledged to remove sex offenders from its site. When asked why the network does not use the Sentinel software the John Cardillo replied that the cost would be under a million dollars for the 150 millions that the social network site has.

Facebook could develop their own program saving them even more money.

Facebook told Tech Crunch:

Facebook does not allow the same investigations by an outsider as by insiders. Saying there is a positive match of 8,000 sex offenders is difficult to for an outsider to do. You would need would need more than a name and a photo the size of your thumb. The correct way would be to characterize them as potential matches.

For a company that has a mission to keep kids safe, we find it irresponsible that they wouldn’t share this with us. Or, if not with us, how about with law enforcement? This could have been an announcement that Sentinel and Facebook removed 8,000 potential sex offenders. We still don’t have the information on who they are. If you are willing to share that with us, we will investigate immediately.


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