Exploding Cell Phone Battery Kills Man

An exploding battery in a cell phone has killed a man in Guangzhou, China. It is thought that the shop assistant had just charged the battery and put the phone in his breast pocket when the cell phone exploded.

It is not known the make of the phone or the battery. There have been reports that the computer store that the man worked at was a Lenovo shop but that has yet to be confirmed. Police are also checking to see if the phone and the battery were counterfeit.

There have been nine cell phone explosions in China since 2002.

While cell phone batteries are mostly safe the lithium battery can explode if they are overcharged or exposed to heat.

Both Motorola and Nokia deny that their promblems in the batteries in China. It suggests that the batteries are counterfeit.

To make sure your cell phone battery does not explode always use the original batteries that was meant for your phone model. Do not modify your phone. Charge your battery on the model’s original battery charger. Do not expose the cell phone to high temperature and try not to expose it to direct sunlight. Try not to have long phone calls. Do not answer your phone nor make calls while it is charging. Try to keep your phone in a bag instead of a pocket. Never use a damaged battery.


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