Mother Plasters Town With Posters, Don’t Serve My Daughter Drinks

A mother will do anything to save her child. That’s why Isobel Higgins is posting posters warning people not to give her daughter Jody, 16, alcohol. The child is an alcoholic and her mother wants to keep her alive.

Posters of Jody are all over Carlisle in the UK. They have Jody’s picture on them and the words, do not serve or buy alcohol for this girl.’

Higgins, 33, admits feeling a bit embarrassed by plastering her daughter’s face all over the town but she had to do something. Jody started drinking a year ago and quickly became addicted.

Her mother tells the Daily Mail:

‘She will drink vodka, cider, shots, whatever she can get her hands on and she doesn’t see she’s doing anything wrong. I think it’s an addiction.

‘I’ve tried everything in the book, including a curfew but you just can’t control a 16-year-old, not even with the help of the authorities. I don’t know where she is during the day. I can’t lock her up.’

Higgins turned to social services but that didn’t help. Jody was arrested for damaging the windows at Higgins home. That only got her known to the police.

Jody is now in counseling with Straightline, a drug and alcohol support service, and is getting help with her education.

Higgins hopes that by speaking out that she not only helps her own daughter but others. Public awareness is key.

Says the concerned mother:

‘This doesn’t just hurt the family, it is ruining her education and, most importantly, her health.

‘She is drinking to the point where she can’t stand up, that must be doing so much damage to her body. I will do anything I can to stop it and help her help herself.’


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