Opinion: Don’t worry, ladies, you get hotter after 40

Are you about to hit 40 ladies? If you are don’t feel down in the dumps. You’re about to come into the age of fantastic sex. That’s what Health Plus magazine says at least.

The Daily Mail decided to ask around and see if that claim was the reality with 40-somethings.

Molly Parkin agrees with the article. She looks back to that time and remembers it fondly as a period of unbridled freedom. By the time a woman hits 40 she has been there, done that and knows what works.

Marcelle D’Argy sees sex at 40 is like suddenly seeing the light. She also thinks that sex at 50 is hot.

According to Dr Louise Foxcroft women in their 40’s are more likely to have multiple orgasms. That in itself is a blessing!

As for me, I fall in line with the above women. Sex when you’re old enough to revel in it is hot. Being able to have the stones to demand being taken ‘care of’ is empowering. There are hormonal changes of course that promote sex being more enjoyable but the truth is by 40 a woman is ready to lay back (or stand up if that’s what they enjoy) and go at it. We know that doing those Kegel exercises have a wonderful benefit. We know where we enjoy being touched. Basically we know.

Now medical people will list off the hormonal reasons that sex is hotter than a rocket during this time.

As the Daily Mail reports the scientific reasons that Peter Bowen-Simpkins, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians and medical director of the London Women’s Clinic gives:

‘Physically, it is the hormones that have the most impact, and one reason women in their 40s may feel more sexually driven is due to increased testosterone levels.
Testosterone is traditionally thought of as a male hormone, but all women produce it from puberty.

‘It has a number of different effects, including boosting sexual desire. However, it is a very powerful hormone, so women produce the sex hormone-binding globulin
(SHBG), which mops up much of the testosterone to help keep its effects in check.

‘Levels of SHBG are dictated by oestrogen, and as women approach menopause, their oestrogen levels fall. The knock-on effect of this would be an increase in testosterone – which could lead to increased desire.’

Ladies know that the truth is older women are just simply hot.

See kiddies, there really is something great to look forward to. Sex.

And yes that smile on my face is real.


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