Opinion: Valentine Posies Can Be A Valentine To the Earth Too

It’s gearing up to Valentine’s Day. The time for chocolates, flowers and love. But how green are those posies that you may be handing over for your sweetie? Not very according to the Daily Mail.

The more exotic a flower the more it has had to travel to rest in that table side vase. Some flowers can travel over 2,000 miles. In Britain carnations can travel from Kenya, Chile, Ecuador or Colombia. considering the fact that once a flower is cut it is dead, just how romantic is it to add to greenhouse gases.

Now that said, I am all for pretty flowers and alas my thumb is as black as they come.

One of the kids hands over a plastic rose most years. I have them in a vase downstairs and one at my computer to give me a smile.

Home grown flowers are the way to go if you are a Green Heart and still desire a pretty bouquet. Ask your florist where they get their flowers and opt for the most local blooms.

The Earth will love you for it.


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