Toronto Hydro Hits the Streets to Inspect Every Handwell Covers

The crews along Queens Quay were moving at a fairly fast pace. They quickly went from one handwell cover to the next. Handwell plates cover electrical equipment and wiring in the area.

Toronto’s Hydro crews are hitting each and every handwell in the city to make sure that no live wires are going to shock an animal or human again this winter.

Since November two dogs have been killed by the handwells in the High Park area. Hydro crews had assured the police at each of those events that the area was safe children were shocked in January. As reported by journalist Tamara Baluja up to five children were zapped on Jan. 29 at a handwell near the Dundas West and Keele area. While none of the children were seriously injured, school officials let parents know that they should take their children in to the doctor.

Today the crews were along Queens Quay and Bathurst Street checking each handwell. The inspection process can take as little as 10 minutes or as long as an hour. There are 15,000 handwells in the Toronto area.

KJ Mullins
Workers inspect handwells along Queens Quay in Toronto.
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The workers I spoke to seemed a little tired but understood the importance that the city had to be safe for the citizens and animals walking down each and every street. Electrical shocks can kill. There are no second chances.


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