Mayor to Police: Walk Me to the Bathroom Please

The mayor in an Atlanta suburb is asking for the police to escort him to the bathroom after he and another council member exchanged fiery words. Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer of Snellville, Ga., is trying to avoid confrontation with Councilman Robert Jenkins.

Police Chief Roy Whitehead is being called into service to be Oberholtzer’s bathroom buddy.

Oberholtzer has also had his son come with him for potty breaks.

Perhaps Oberholtzer is being wise. In May Jenkins sued Councilman Joe Anderson. He aledgled that Anderson falsely accused him of bribery and stalked him in a failed attempt to block him from public office.

The Atlanta Journal reports:

“I don’t want someone like him suing me or having me thrown in jail,” Oberholtzer said. “I am not going to put my personal life or the welfare of my family in jeopardy.”

Jenkins thinks that the mayor’s fears are unfounded. At least physical fears. Politically Jenkins is honestly out for the man.

“I don’t even see how he manufactures up or even imagines a reason to fear me, physically,” Jenkins said. “He damn well needs to fear me as a political opponent as long as he takes the positions he takes.”

“Unlike a real leader … Jerry most of the time will attack whoever is disagreeing with him personally. He’s attacked senior citizens in public meetings, council members. He evidently … does not deal with conflict in a peaceable manner.”

The two have a long history of butting heads in both their personal lives and their political careers. Just last week Oberholtzer tattled on Jenkins to code enforcers for not keeping his property at Street Deville up to code. Oberholtzer took pictures of an old tiolet and a car that was rundown and mailed the images to Snellville police. The code violations come with a fine of up to $1,000 and a possible 60 days in jail. Jenkins has until March 1 to clean up his yard.


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