Nadya Suleman Has Been Getting Death Threats

Nadya Suleman is back in the news as LA police begin to investigate threats made against her. The police will be advising her publicist on how to handle the slew of nasty mail coming in his office about the octuplet mother.

It seems that many people are a bit peeved that the mother of fourteen has been receiving public assistance. They have been letting her publicist Mike Furtney know by phone and e-mail what they think of Suleman and her children. Furtney already had 500 new e-mails early Thursday about his client.

The Associated Press states:

“We are aware of the media accounts of the threats, and that they are being sent to the West Los Angeles detectives for appropriate action,” Romero said.

Some of the constant phone calls though have offered the huge family some assistance. One Midwest family even offered the mother a home on their home.

Because of the threats Suleman’s location is being kept secret. She is visiting her newborns every day. The babies are expected to remain in hospital for several weeks.

Suleman has been receiving $490 a month in food stamps and Social Security Disability for three of her oldest six children. Those payments could total $2,379 a month.

She has said that her in vitro fertility procedures cost roughly $100,000. She said that she saved up that money by working double shifts and with an award she got for disability from an on-the-job back injury. That award exceeded $165,000.

The cost of raising 14 children until the age of 17 is estimated between $1.3 million to $2.7 million dollars.


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