Opinion: The Jolie-Pitt Kids Act Like Real Kids

Brad Pitt took his partner to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) on Sunday leaving their little darlings with a nanny at the pricey Dorchester Hotel. Reports are coming in that the kids behaved like children. Oh dear!

The family had the almost entire third floor booked. It seems the kids enjoyed the space. They were said to be running in the hallway for an hour.

Oh my goodness, folks the kids were being (insert gasp!) kids! Pax, Zahara, Maddox and Shiloh were having fun on the floor that their parents had paid for running around.

There were complaints from the high paying guests that also were on the floor. Funny, when kids are having fun they are loud.

Both of their parents were up for an award at the BAFTA event; Pitt for ”The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” and momma Jolie for ”Changeling.”

The next day, though, the gossip rags weren’t talking about how swanky mom and dad were looking. Oh no, it was being touted that the kids were brats. The Improper even went as far as to say already seem to have adopted Angie’s rebellious streak an air of entitlement.

Entertainment One India quotes another guest of the hotel:

“They were running up and down the hallway for over an hour,” the Sun quoted a troubled guest as saying. “Their nanny tried to quieten them down and move them out the way when people came through. “But she had her hands full with the four of them,” the guest added.

The guest do pay a fortune for their rooms. The double suites cost over 4,000 pounds and that’s not including a breakfast. They have the right to expect that the halls will be quiet. What hasn’t been said is if the area that the kids were having fun in was paid for by their parents. If that is the case then these little snippets are folks just wanting to slam the family.

Honestly if the worst that can be written about a family’s children is that they were running down the hallway the parents most be doing something right. The walls weren’t damaged. No carpets were destroyed. It sounds like a case of letting some happy and active kids get energy out of their little bodies.

I say keep up the good job of allowing your kids to be just that, kids.


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